9 days

Follow the steps of some of the great personalities of Al-Andalus.
Ibn Rushd, from Córdoba. Abul-Baqa ar-Rundi, from Ronda. Ibn al-Khatib, from Granada. And Ibn Khaldun, from Seville.



1.- Madrid. Arrival in Madrid, Welcome and Tour Presentation. Overnight Stay in Madrid

2.- Madrid. The founder of the city was Amir Muhammad I. Visit of the old quarter and popular places, Plaza de España, Royal Palace of Madrid, etc. Afternoon Transfer to Granada. Overnight Stay in Granada.

3.- Granada. Presentation of the Great Mosque of Granada. Visit of the Alhambra Palace and the emblematic Albayzín quarter (World Heritage site). Overnight Stay in Granada.

4.- Granada. Ibn al Khatib, man of knowledge whose poems are in the Alhambra. Visit of the city centre of Granada. Transfer to Málaga. Relaxing time in the city. Overnight Stay in Málaga.

5.- Málaga. Abul-Baqa ar-Rundi, the famous poet from Seville. Visit to Ronda and transfer to Seville. Overnight Stay in Seville.

6.- Seville. City of the famous Ibn Khaldun, one of the greatest philosophers. Visit of Seville’s city centre, Alcázar of Seville & Giralda. Overnight Stay in Seville.

7.- Córdoba. City of the polymath Ibn Rushd (Averroes). Transfer to Córdoba. Visit of the Great Mosque of Córdoba and walk in the old quarters. Overnight Stay in Córdoba.

8.- Córdoba. City of Al Qurtubi, famous for his Tafsir. Visit of Medina Azahara. Transfer to Madrid. Overnight Stay in Madrid.

9.- Madrid. Shopping and transfer to Airport.