By Muslims, for the world

This company was born out of the desire to serve the Muslims who visit the lands of Al Andalus and provide them with a unique experience. Thus the benefits of this company support the running costs of the Great Mosque of Granada.

As Muslims who have been born in Spain we feel as the hosts of all Muslims; we are feel responsible for the magnificent cultural and social heritage, which our forefathers gave to the world.

Ibn Battuta Tours is the fruit of the experience the “Islamic Community in Spain” has acquired during the now more than 30 years of its existence.

The Great Mosque of Granada is our operational centre and the reference for Muslims who visit this land, coming from all corners of the world, wanting to contemplate the experience and the life of a past, full of marvels.

Ibn Battuta Tours offers its visitors all types of halal services, personalized attention and meticulous care with which we prepare our tours, activities and services.

The Muslims of Al Andalus welcome you and wish you a truly memorable stay in Spain!